Apache Thrift C++ library tests


Thrift is a lightweight, language-independent software stack for point-to-point RPC implementation. Thrift provides clean abstractions and implementations for data transport, data serialization, and application level processing. The code generation system takes a simple definition language as input and generates code across programming languages that uses the abstracted stack to build interoperable RPC clients and servers.

Apache Thrift Layered Architecture

Thrift makes it easy for programs written in different programming languages to share data and call remote procedures. With support for 28 programming languages, chances are Thrift supports the languages that you currently use.

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license Apache-2.0
project thrift
1 Version
version 0.16.0+1
depends 3; *thrift, *openssl, (libboost-chrono libboost-filesystem libboost-foreach libboost-format libboost-iterator libboost-move libboost-test libboost-random libboost-thread)
requires 1; c++11