ODB compiler usage examples

This package contains examples of using odb, object-relational mapping (ORM) compiler for C++. The following list gives an overview of the available examples. See the README file accompanying each example for more information. See odb-tests/README.md for instructions on setting up various databases to run these examples.

Note also that most of the examples use the --table-prefix ODB compiler option to assign a unique prefix to tables created by each example. This is done to allow examples to run against the same database without causing any schema conflicts. You don't have to use this option in your own applications.

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license GPL-2.0-only
project odb
url www.codesynthesis.com/products/odb/
doc-url www.codesynthesis.com/products/odb/doc/manual.xhtml
src-url git.codesynthesis.com/cgit/odb/odb/
1 Version
version 2.5.0-b.26.20240527052450.3b97a9a793b5
repository https://queue.stage.build2.org/1/alpha
depends 19; *odb, libodb, libodb-mysql ?, libodb-sqlite ?, libodb-pgsql ?, libodb-oracle ?, libodb-mssql ?, libodb-boost ?, libodb-qt ?, libboost-multi-index ?, libboost-optional ?, libboost-smart-ptr ?, libboost-unordered ?, libboost-uuid ?, libboost-date-time ?, libQt5Core ?, libQt6Core ?, *mysql-client ?, *psql ?
requires 2; *sqlplus ?, *sqlcmd ?