XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler examples

This package contains a number of examples that show how to use XSD, the
XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler and the generated C++ Tree and
Parser classes. See the README files in example directories for more
information on each example.

The package source code is in the public domain.

The project page is at https://www.codesynthesis.com/projects/xsd/.

The easiest way to build this package is with the bpkg package manager:

$ mkdir xsd-examples/
$ cd xsd-examples/
$ bpkg create cc
$ bpkg build... More
license Unlicence
project xsd
url www.codesynthesis.com/projects/xsd/
doc-url www.codesynthesis.com/projects/xsd/
src-url git.codesynthesis.com/cgit/xsd/xsd/tree/xsd-examples/
1 Version
version 4.2.0-b.4.20230911095927.9c7aaf839025
repository https://queue.stage.build2.org/1/alpha
depends 4; libxsd, libxerces-c, libexpat, libz